About Me

For real, these things are always so difficult for me to write! How do I be genuine without being so cliché? I don’t really know, so here we go! Read on, and get a snapshot of who I am! (Yeah, that just happened.)

Let’s see, well…I love photography. (duh, right?) I love having the ability to preserve important moments in time that people can go back and reminisce about. Sometimes all we have to get us through the really tough times are our memories of times gone by. The more photographs, the better the memories. I really believe that what I do is so important and vital to the human experience.

In reality, we don’t need photographs to survive; but we do need photographs to live.

I love to lift. I have awesome colored hair. I have some tattoos, and I want a lot more! I love chocolate. I love steak. I love video games. Minecraft anyone? I love going out to the movies. I love hiking, camping, kayaking, and the water.

I sponsor children through Compassion International, and I love my experience with them. It has been life changing to be involved in the lives of poverty stricken children from around the world.

Anything else? Of course! But I won’t bore you with any more details. If you want to set up a session, or just get to know me even more, just holla! Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to capture those epic moments for you and yours!